Teacher Surgery Times

Although you are always welcome to make an appointment to come in to the office for a meeting with the Management Team and your child’s Key Teacher, when you have a specific concern, the teachers also have Surgery Times from 4.15pm until 4.30pm  for a quick catch up each week. You will need to book the time in advance and the meeting can be by phone or in person. The appointment is for 5 minutes, but if there are no other appointments booked, the slot can be extended up to 4.30pm.

Miss Teresa: Monday

Miss Lubna: Tuesday

Miss Sabrina: Wednesday

Mr. Montell: Thursday

Miss Lin: Monday

Miss Clara: Tuesday

Miss Yasmin: Wednesday

Miss Gaelle: Thursday

Miss Laura: Friday

Miss Verity: Thursday

Miss Alizee: Friday (12.45pm – 1.00pm)

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