Parents Evenings / Tea Parties

The parents’ evenings will take place on the days listed below. Please book a time by putting your name on the list on the door of your child’s classroom, which will displayed after the half-term week. Please do not over run on the half hour slot as it might not be convenient for the parents coming after you to stay later. Please note that we can look after your child during your meeting only if you have previously booked them in. They should not be brought in to the meeting with you as this hinders the conversation.

Amy: Tuesday 19th November
Sabrina: Wednesday 20th November, Monday 25th November
Lin: Tuesday 19th November
Clara: Thursday 21st November, Tuesday 26th November
Teresa: Thursday 21st November, Thursday 28th November
Gaelle: Friday 22nd November, Friday 29th November, Friday 6th December
Laura: Wednesday 20th November, Tuesday 26th November, Tuesday 3rd December
Veronica: Friday 22nd November, Monday 25th November, Thursday 12th December









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