Our Team

Miss Frances – Principal / Owner

Miss Frances opened The Montessori School In January 1997 for her twin daughters and three other children. Over the last twenty six years, it has gradually grown, filling the lovely Victorian house it occupies in Chestnut Grove. Having originally trained as a dancer and teacher at The Royal Ballet School, Miss Frances qualified as a Montessori Directress in order to enhance her teaching of very young children. Her strong belief in the method inspired her to start the school and she continues to run it, with the support of an excellent team, alongside her dance studio in Chiswick, which she has run for thirty eight years. She also enjoys lecturing teacher training students who are undertaking the Montessori Diploma at the school and acts as a practical teaching supervisor and Mentor for The Royal Academy of Dance, and as an Affiliate Teacher of The Royal Ballet School. Miss Frances is a qualified Enquiry Lead for Children’s Philosophy, Vocational Awards Assessor and Lead Internal Quality Assurer.

Miss Isadora – Head of School

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Miss Isadora was one of the first pupils to attend The Montessori School. She later went on to train in Dance at The Brit School and then obtained her BSc Degree in Psychology and Criminology at Roehampton University. Miss Isadora completed a MSc in Affective Disorders at Kings College London and is currently completing a Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic Counselling; she has also undertaken the Level 3 Early Years Educator and Montessori qualifications. Miss Isadora initially worked at the nursery as a teaching assistant, covered maternity leave as a teacher and eventually took on  her current role. She is the school Lead for Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs. Miss Isadora teaches Aerobic Gymnastics in her spare time and is an ex-British Champion.

Miss Isadora is qualified to diagnose Autism and practices Family and young persons therapy.

Miss Venetia-Rose – Finance

Miss Venetia-Rose was one of the first pupils at The Montessori School. She later went on to train in Dance and Media at The Brit School, gaining a Bachelors Degree in Radio Production at Westminster University. Miss Venetia was a member of the British Gymnastics squad for many years. Having freelanced in radio production and talent management, Miss Venetia is currently completing her training in accountancy. In her free time Venetia-Rose enjoys going to the gym and playing tennis.

Miss Gaelle  –  Curriculum and Office Support

Miss Gaelle is a Montessori Directress, having trained with Modern Montessori international. She worked as make-up artist for many years, before starting a family; she has two grown up children and a younger son. In her spare time Miss Gaelle enjoys cooking and crafts – many of which become the inspiration for the many art and science activities she presents to the children.

Miss Zamira – Montessori Teacher in the Camellia Class

Miss Zamira completed the full-time course at Maria Montessori Institute in London and loves to work lead children in the exploration of their own style of learning. In addition, she has accomplished a BA in English Language and Literature and a Master’s Degree in Teaching English, from the University of Tirana. Miss Zamira is able to converse  in English, German, Italian and Albanian and in her free time enjoys playing volleyball, painting and embroidery.

Miss Weicheng – Montessori Teaching Assistant


Miss Weicheng assists in all classes and is currently undertaking the Montessori Teaching Diploma course. She graduated from University College London with a Masters in Early Childhood Education and has a particular interest in how the environment and curriculum have impact on improving early years outcomes. In her life outside of the school, Weicheng enjoys playing the piano, photography and travelling.

Miss Sabrina – Montessori Teacher Training Assessor

Miss Sabrina is a qualified Primary School Teacher and holds the Montessori International Diploma, having trained with Montessori Centre International.  Miss Sabrina has a young son and in her spare time she enjoys reading and having fun with her family, as well as being the Lead Vocational Awards Assessor for our Teacher Training Course. Miss Sabrina recently qualified to teach English as foreign language.

Miss Sara – Montessori Teacher in the Camellia Class 

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Miss Shuchen – Montessori Teaching Assistant

Miss Schuchen is currently undertaking the Montessori Teaching Diploma course. She has a Masters Degree in Special and Inclusive Education from University College London, and is particularly interested in supporting children with autism and hearing impairment. In her life outside of school, Miss Schuchen enjoys listening to music and playing the piano.

Miss Francesca – Special Education Needs and Social Skills Groups

Miss Francesca gained her Teaching Diploma at Modern Montessori International and is currently undertaking a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Roehampton University. Originally a Class teacher with us, Francesca now works as Special Education Needs support, alongside Miss Isadora and runs the Social Skills Groups in the School, helping children in areas they find a little more challenging. In her free time, Francesca enjoys going to the theatre and baking.

Miss Pressy  –  Montessori Teacher in the Marguerite Class

Miss Pressy gained the Montessori Teaching Diploma at the Maria Montessori Institute and has an MBA from the London Business School. She has two children now at university. In her spare time, Miss Pressy enjoys visiting art galleries and going to concerts and the ballet.

Miss Rena (pronounced Miss Lena) – Montessori Teacher in the Cream Nest

Miss Rena studied the AMI Montessori Diploma at the Montessori Institute of Tokyo and then went on to work at a Montessori preschool in Japan. Before training as a teacher, she worked on cruise ships as she loves to visit different countries and experience their culture. Miss Rena is our teacher in the Cream Nest.

Miss Emma – Administration of Children’s Journals

Miss Emma’s passion for the Montessori approach has inspired her teaching and driven her to study a Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy with Montessori Centre International. Prior to this, Emma taught in Pre-school as an Art Teacher, Ballet/Dance Teacher and Gymnastics Coach alongside working as an Area Manager within the Arts and Entertainments industry in the Merlin attractions teaching and managing special effects make-up artists/animators. Her passion for creativity and working with children has been at the forefront of her desire to become a Montessorian. Currently Miss Emma is on maternity leave, but keeps up to date with what is happening at the school by reviewing the children’s journals.

Miss Sophie – Montessori Teaching Assistant

Miss Sophie has been an assistant in each of our classrooms and has spent much time creating art projects for various classrooms. She has completed the Montessori Practical Certificate and continues to train towards completing the full Diploma. In her spare time Miss Sophie teaches art to children.


Miss Giulia – Montessori Teacher in the Violet Class

Miss Giulia is our Violet class teacher and is currently completing the Montessori Diploma. Miss Giulia has a BA Degree in Music Journalism, has a keen in interest in photography and is fluent in English and Italian.

Miss Emily – Montessori Teacher, Snowdrop Class

Miss Emily trained as a Montessori teacher at the Maria Montessori Institute in the USA and also has a Masters in Education from the Loyola University in Maryland. In her life outside of school, Miss Emily enjoys reading, photography and travelling.

Miss Fatma - Montessori Teacher in the Rose Class

Miss Fatma trained as a Montessori teacher at the Modern Montessori Institute in  the UK. She is fluent in English, Swahili, Arabic and German and has a young daughter. In her life away from school, Miss Fatma supports young women in Kenya to pursue their careers.

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